About AAC Automotive Services LLC


AAC AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES was created by Anthony Arthur, born and raised in New York with Trinidadian roots

Our founder, and lead mechanic, Anthony A., has 3 beautiful educated children (AAC). After playing football and attending college in New Haven, Connecticut,, he relocated to Dallas, Texas where he started his journey in automotives. He started his automotive career in June of 2005!

With Honda, he became master certified in 2011 and then in 2014 he became master certified with Acura. Anthony has also attended EMT and Paramedic schools, completing numerous hours of clinicals, saving lives, and helping people.

In 2016, Anthony and his family relocated to Atlanta Georgia where he pursued a job opportunity to further his automotive career. While in Georgia, he worked for Nissan, EchoPark (Shop Foreman) and even TESLA!

With 17 years and a wealth of experience, he made the move to establish his own company, AAC AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES in the spring of 2022. He's been creating happy and satisfied customers ever since.

Happy Auto Customer

Another Satisfied Customer of AAC Automotive Services

Our founder Anthony Arthur was able to diagnose the problem with this customer's car and fix it up properly in no time. Over 17 years of experience pays off. We'll fix up your car too!

Car Fixed by Anthony Arthur

Another Satisfied Customer of AAC Automotive Services

Fixing our customers' cars to their utmost satisfaction is what we do. Contact us today for your car, jeep, truck etc.

Rewiring and Reprogramming Car Circuitry

Reprogramming Wiring And Car Computer

Heavy duty work like this comes easy to us. Call us for all your car computer needs as well. Cars today are not only gas and oil, they're also wires and computer gadgets. We fix them all.

Customer Car Fixed

Another Satisfied Customer of AAC Automotive Services

There's nothing like being down and out when you need to be on the go because your car isn't working properly. Let us take your car out of the equation of things to worry about.